CMP Review 2023-07-03

CMP Review 2023-07-03

July 3, 2023

Here is a brief explanation of how we built our built in bookshelves.

We used 1×8 boards for both the uprights and the shelves themselves. The uprights go from floor to ceiling. We then added small shelf height boards to support the shelves between the uprights. The shelves are fastened with 3” screws. We used L brackets to secure everything to the walls.

The shelves vary by book height from 9–11” and one 13” shelf as I really like the look of not a lot of space between the top of the books and the next shelf up. I also was able to get more shelves in this way. You could certainly just take the height of the wall and divide it to a number close to 11, which will accommodate most books.

I hope this was helpful, and maybe inspiring to see how simple our bookshelves are.