CMP Review 2023-07-18

CMP Review 2023-07-18

July 18, 2023

In Charlotte Mason’s final volume, she summarized the key element of Bible lessons in her method:

The children narrate what has been read after the reading… Now this is no parrot-exercise, but is the result of such an assimilation of the passage that it has become a part of the young scholar. It is only by trying the method oneself on such an incident, for example, as the visit of Nicodemus or the talk with the woman of Samaria, that we realise the wonderful dearness with which each incident is brought out, the fullness of meaning with which every phrase is invested by such personal effort.

Don Rhymer took Mason at her word and applied her method to the Gospel passages about Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman. What he found was something more than just the power of narration. He also found fresh insights into how Jesus Himself helped the people He encountered to understand and assimilate God’s Word. These insights can powerfully inform how we discuss Scripture with our own children. Listen to Rhymer’s exposition of these ideas in his inspiring lecture recorded live at the Living Education Retreat earlier this month. You can find it here.