CMP Review 2023-08-01

CMP Review 2023-08-01

August 1, 2023

Anyone who undertakes to read Charlotte Mason’s six volumes notices a dramatic change when he or she reaches volume 4, Ourselves. This one is not like the others! Some, however, discover Ourselves when they find it assigned in their homeschool curriculum. That’s because volume 4 alone was written for the student, not for the teacher.

When approaching the book as a parent or teacher, however, it sure would be nice to have a ground plan of the book. What ideas informed it? What key points does it make? What should we expect from reading it? Many such surveys and summaries exist, but most have been written at the distance of a century since the book was first printed.

Mrs. Clement Parsons, aka Florence Mary Parsons, was a friend and colleague of Miss Mason’s. But she was no ordinary friend — she was an accomplished author and lecturer in her own right, and a fierce supporter of the PNEU. She knew Mason from the early days and clearly understood her work.

In 1928, Mrs. Parsons wrote an introduction, survey, and evaluation of Ourselves. It is an extremely valuable guide to help us understand the book, even for those who have already read it one or more times. Written from the perspective of a peer and friend of Miss Mason, the article helps us better understand the context and message of the book.

Best of all, Mrs. Parsons lets us in on one of the best-kept secrets about Ourselves. Sure, it’s written for students. But guess what? We’re all students too. Read or listen to Mrs. Parsons’s vintage article and learn why you can feel good about enriching *your own life* with the insights from this extraordinary book. Find it here.