CMP Review 2023-08-22

CMP Review 2023-08-22

August 22, 2023

Essex Cholmondeley is best remembered as the author of the beloved biography The Story of Charlotte Mason. But Cholmondeley’s own story is an unlikely one. “When I first thought about education,” she recalls, “I was not very much interested in the subject.” Essex had a dramatic change of heart, however, when, as she recounts, “I came to know Miss Mason.”

In 1925, Cholmondeley had the opportunity to introduce the Charlotte Mason method to a new audience. She chose to organize her talk around the question “What is Education?” The result was an accessible and masterful description of the key elements of the Charlotte Mason method that set it apart.

In our day, when many struggle to find a concise way to summarize the principles of Miss Mason, Cholmondeley’s text provides refreshing clarity. Hear or read her original words from 1925, and be reminded that “every person is in need of something to love, something to do and something to think about.” Find it here.