CMP Review 2023-09-21

CMP Review 2023-09-21

September 21, 2023

Our transcription team experiences the joy of knowing that we are making vintage resources available not only to the English-speaking world, but to the entire world. We have enjoyed working with many organizations, and have been especially thrilled to work with the team at Charlotte Mason France. They have worked tirelessly to translate Charlotte Mason’s works into French, including many articles originally transcribed by our team.

But sometimes reaching the world requires more than a word-for-word translation. When Charlotte Roman (@romancharlottereve) considered the beloved Changing Year by Florence Haines, she realized that the names of species, the literary references, and the proverbs all catered to English culture. She had a vision to translate not just the words but the ideas into her own beloved language and heritage.

In Miss Mason’s final volume, she explains that in narration, “what [the child] can do is to assimilate and give this forth in a form which is original because it is modified, re-created, by the action of his own mind.” In the same way, Charlotte Roman has fulfilled her vision and created, illustrated, and published La Nature au fil de l’année, a thoroughly French remake of the classic by Florence Haines.

Join us in celebrating the work of Charlotte Mason France and @romancharlottereve, and let us pray for the continued release of living books and living ideas to the French-speaking world. To check out Charlotte Roman’s inspiring new book, follow this link.


📷: @romancharlottereve