CMP Review 2023-09-22

CMP Review 2023-09-22

September 22, 2023

For years and years, our daughter has been fascinated by glass blowing. Who can blame her? Taking raw materials and heating them up and turning them into something beautiful! How amazing is that?

I have been looking for classes nearby (there are none) or even near where my family lives (none there either) for a few years. And then, on vacation this summer, I found a 20-minute one-on-one class for her to take.

We gifted her the class as a surprise. Was she ever pleased!

The instructor was really great, guiding her through the all the steps, allowing her to do much of the work herself. She chose to do a pumpkin. She chose her colours. He showed her how to pick up the accent colour glass bits. He had a fancy ribbed mold to make the pumpkin shape.

I think her favourite part was the actual blowing. The only bit the instructor did himself was to add the peduncle quickly at the end.

It really is lovely and was such fun for her to do (and for us to watch)!

Has anyone in your family ever tried glass blowing?