CMP Review 2023-09-29

CMP Review 2023-09-29

September 29, 2023

In Canada, September 30 is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. We live on the Providence Manitoba campus, which stands on Treaty One Territory.

This week on campus, there have been various events, led and co-ordinated by our indigenous brothers and sisters, leading up to this National Day. We had indigenous elders who came to tell some of their stories, a university student who shared his experience as a young indigenous person, we have prayed and worshiped together, we have shared in traditional games, foods, handicrafts, songs, and so much more.

The neighbourhood children were able to participate in many of these events, which was a real blessing. Their highlight was being asked to help build the two teepees that were erected at the beginning of the week. One of our little friends was able to tie the knot to hold the 3 main poles of the teepee structure together. Serafina was the runner, and as more poles were added, she ran around the structure with the cord, continuously wrapping the structure, over and over again, to fasten all the poles together. The children helped slide the other poles into place, they helped to fasten the teepee entrance with wooden sticks, they helped put the stakes into the ground to hold the teepee fast.

It was an extremely special experience. For all of us. Adults, children, university students alike.