CMP Review 2023-10-30

CMP Review 2023-10-30

October 30, 2023

Cleaning up a book with cherished scribbles from its previous owner’s childhood adventures is always a delightful journey.

I use a soft white eraser to start. This book had pencil on the cover, but it wouldn’t come off completely with just the pencil eraser. For stubborn pencil marks, crayon, as well as pen, which is what was on the inside page here, I use a Tombow Mono Sand Eraser. It is designed to remove colored pencil and ink. It works amazingly well and is a must-have tool in my book care toolbox. With its magic touch, it leaves the pages fresh, ensuring each book gets a second chance to enchant its next reader without the distraction of marginalia.

What’s your favorite method for preserving and cleaning old books? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!