CMP Review 2023-11-08

CMP Review 2023-11-08

November 8, 2023

November is a great month for watching the night sky! Here are just a few of the celestial events:

Jupiter was clear and beautiful as its position between the Earth and Sun made it brightly illuminated on November 3rd.

We’re in for more treats with the Moon and planets, though!

On November 9th a delicate crescent Moon passes in front of Venus. For those of us in North America, our best viewing time is right before dawn to see the moon resembling a smile with Venus as a beauty mark. Both Saturn and Jupiter also have close approaches to the Moon with Saturn on the 20th and Jupiter on the 25th.

And, the meteor showers!

Northern Taurids peak on the 12th. The Leonids peak on the 18th. The Pleiades cluster will be at it brightest, too! November 28 is the peak of the Orionids. The Hyades Cluster will also be especially bright, so look toward Taurus.

Remember, meteor showers are often named for their closest constellation. So find Taurus to see the Northern Taurids, Leo for the Leonids, and Orion to see the Orionids shower.

You might even choose to record some of these events in your nature journal. Happy viewing!


📷 Adrian Pelletier