CMP Review 2023-11-28

CMP Review 2023-11-28

November 28, 2023

“Relativism flourishes in a setting where appearances become tantamount to reality and where there is no longer any transcendent basis for judging one appearance as better than another,” wrote David Hicks in 1981.

Many home educators have sought relief from the shifting sands of relativism in the apparent stability of classical education. Nowhere was I expecting to hear a more robust defense of this stability than at the 2019 CiRCE National Conference entitled “A Contemplation of Form.” The event was nothing less than a celebration of absolutes in a world of relativism.

On the last day of the conference, however, I heard a comment from the stage that puzzled me. It was a comment that foreshadowed a book that was to be published three years later, in 2022. A book that has forever changed the face of classical education.

Read or hear about the relativization of classical education, and where to go to find absolutes. Find it here.