CMP Review 2023-12-12

CMP Review 2023-12-12

December 12, 2023

Last week we shared the inspiring story of a 1935 home schoolroom. The author, a very capable and resourceful mother, found that with the help of the Charlotte Mason method, she could successfully teach her own children at home. Still, there was one challenge she could not overcome: she could not afford records and she could not play great works on the piano. Thus she could not include musical appreciation in the feast.

This same mother would be bewildered by the range of music available to us today. Thanks to the internet and music streaming, the great works of the centuries are only a click away. But this information overload creates its own problems. Where do we start? And how do we stay focused once we do get started?

Donald Beswick was a schoolteacher who loved classical music and loved sharing it with others. In March we shared his 1961 case for classical music. Today we share his sequel, which talks about how to build a classical music library that will bless you and your children.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you turn back the clock and turn on the turntable. But we are suggesting that the principles and insights of teacher Beswick may help you find the proverbial needle in the haystack — the clues and next steps that will help you search the great vault of music on the other side of the internet to find the little joys that will transform the hearts of everyone in your home. Find it here.