CMP Review 2023-12-26

CMP Review 2023-12-26

December 26, 2023

Every Christmas, G. K. Chesterton and his wife Frances would send out Christmas cards imprinted with their names. These cards, however, contained more than just their names. Each year would also feature a new, original poem composed by either Gilbert or Frances. The poems were always beautiful; some became famous, and some were reprinted in The Parents’ Review.

Why in The Parents’ Review? Because Frances Chesterton was born Frances Blogg, who for several years served as Organising Secretary of the PNEU. In those days, “Gilbert Chesterton … used to attend P.N.E.U. Conferences to admire her.” This admiration led to an engagement and ultimately to new pursuits for Frances; however, her link to the PNEU was never completely severed.

In 1925, the poem for the Chesteron’s Christmas card was authored by Frances. It was published in The Parents’ Review, and this week we share it with you. May it enrich your experience of Christmastide as you meditate on the mystery of the incarnation. Find it here.