CMP Review 2024-01-09

CMP Review 2024-01-09

January 9, 2024

When Sarah Norton was 12 years old, her parents faced a tough decision. Sure, they had homeschooled their daughter from the earliest years. But now things were different. Sarah was going to be a teenager. Her mother, Olive Norton, was not qualified to teach upper-level subjects. Mrs. Norton had grown up in a different country and was unfamiliar with secondary-school requirements. And what about socialization?

The easy course, the natural course, would be to stop homeschooling and send Sarah to school. But after giving the matter deep and careful consideration, Captain and Mrs. Norton made an extraordinary choice. They decided to keep educating Sarah at home. And they stuck with their decision until their daughter had passed all the exams required for her to move on to higher education.

How did the Nortons do it? Today we share their story. Read or listen with paper and pencil in hand and note all the choices they made and the actions they took to reach their goal. And as you read or listen, you might not even notice that this story is from 1962. The Nortons were Charlotte Mason educators blazing the trail for us. Find their story here.