CMP Review 2024-02-18

CMP Review 2024-02-18

“Jewish burial did not involve embalming, as it did in Egypt,” explains Gail R. O’day. “The body [of Lazarus] was anointed with perfume and wrapped, but after four days the effect of the perfume would be rendered null by the odor of the body’s decomposition.”

Mary was weeping. Jesus was weeping. And then the crowd turned hostile. “It must be His fault,” they reasoned. If He could perform miracles of healing, couldn’t He have kept His much-beloved friend from dying?

What could Martha do? Her “assumptions about the reality and power of death govern her response to Jesus,” notes O’day. “Even her exemplary confession of faith at 11:27 could not prepare her for the fullness of Jesus’ identity and gifts.”

No one could have been prepared for what would happen next. Read or listen to Charlotte Mason’s poem about “He, who tender deals.” Find it here.