CMP Review 2024-02-29

CMP Review 2024-02-29

February 29, 2024

Many students of Charlotte Mason are deeply inspired when she proclaims that the teacher’s “part is not the weariful task of spoon-feeding, but the delightful commerce of equal minds where his is the part of guide, philosopher and friend.” We are so inspired to be guide, philosopher and friend to our children that it’s easy to assume that Miss Mason herself coined the phrase.

But the fact is that the phrase was widely used in British circles for more than a century before it was adopted by Mason. Over the years many roles, persons, and even books were referred to as “guide, philosopher and friend,” either ironically or in truth. But there was one notable exception. The label seemed always just out of reach for the ordinary, official teacher.

Charlotte Mason changed all that. She introduced a new way of teaching. She imagined a “city of books.” She contemplated a “delightful commerce of equal minds.” She gave a ray of hope to teachers — to parent-teachers — that we could be more than drill sergeants and task-masters to our children. We could be their companions, coworkers, and confidants.

At the Living Education Retreat in July, I plan to make the case that Miss Mason’s wonderful vision is no idle hope. It can be a reality. I’d like to show you how. Come and join me by beautiful Lake Koronis for a weekend of Charlotte Mason inspiration. But space is limited, so be sure to register here.