CMP Review 2024-06-21

CMP Review 2024-06-21

June 21, 2024

My little almost-three-year-old neighbour and I spent a good ten minutes watching this little guy on the path by my house.

She was mesmerized by him, slowly inching his way around. “He’s so cute! He’s so funny!” she trilled as we got down on hands and knees so we could get a closer look.

She tried putting a leaf in his way to see if he was hungry (he was not. He walked right over it.) “That’s funny!” And she tried again and again with different greenery from the yard, to no avail.

She also thought his antennae were “very cute and very silly” looking.

My friends, the slugs aren’t new, but the children are. (Vol I, p 53.)

And, I will confess, it was pretty special for this mom right here as well. What a blessing to relive the excitement anew through my little friend’s eyes! Just precious!