CMP Review 2024-06-26

CMP Review 2024-06-26

June 26, 2024

Recently, my dream of meeting a longtime online friend in person was fulfilled. Tricia of nature+nurture and I are what Charlotte refers to as “Friends brought to us by the Circumstances of Life.” She says:

It is not the friends of our election who have exclusive claims upon us; the friends brought to us here and there by the circumstances of life all claim our loyalty, and from these we get, as did David Copperfield, kindness for kindness, service for service, loyalty for loyalty, full measure, heaped together and running over. (Ourselves, Book II, p. 32)

Have you read Charlotte Mason’s thoughts on friendship? In Ourselves, Miss Mason references great literature to help us and our children recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships. You can read her thoughts here.