CMP Review 2024-06-27

CMP Review 2024-06-27

June 26, 2024

Being a dad is hard work. Being a homeschool dad is even harder. We have to provide and protect. We have to remain vigilant, even when called to the ends of the earth.

But there is more to manhood than slaying dragons. We also have to provide love and guidance to our dependents at home. Cultivating tenderness while maintaining authority is a tall order. It can seem even harder than our battles in the world.

That’s why every dad needs wisdom. My friend David Dangerfield found it in an unexpected place. The dad of large homeschooled family including adult married children, he had already learned quite a bit from experience. So he was surprised to discover that Charlotte Mason, though never having kids of her own, had countless priceless insights on child development and education to share.

“I truly believe she was inspired by the Holy Spirit during her work,” wrote David, “and we can all benefit from the wisdom contained within her volumes.”

This wisdom is available for you too. You can join us in the Idyll Challenge, a group of men committing to reading and discussing Charlotte Mason’s six volumes. Registration only opens once every two years. We’re accepting new members now. Come and experience what David, and so many other fathers, are talking about. Find out more here.