CMP Review 2024-07-02

CMP Review 2024-07-02

July 2, 2024

Many people ask how to learn the Charlotte Mason method. This is an important question for all homeschools, co-ops, and schools that are inspired by Miss Mason’s ideas. What is the best way for aspiring teachers to learn the concepts and practices Mason emphasized? Wouldn’t it be the way Mason herself taught aspiring teachers?

Of course we know that Miss Mason established the House of Education for the express purposes of developing and equipping teachers. Unfortunately, details about what happened at this school are in short supply. Wouldn’t it be neat to go back in time and take a virtual tour of this almost mythical school?

In 1952, two third-year students at the school provided just such a virtual tour. By then, the name of the school had changed to the Charlotte Mason College. But most of the routines and practices were the same. “A visitor arriving at College would climb the steep drive from the road and might see…” wrote J. Christie and A. Wheatley. Read or hear the rest of their account here.