CMP Review 2024-07-06

CMP Review 2024-07-06

July 6, 2024

Sometimes I forget that tea can be made from herbs other than mint. Thank God for oregano and for Florence M. Haines taking us through the changing year.

“The Marjoram (Origanum vulgare) takes its scientific name from the Greek όρος, mountain, and γάνος, joy, it is the only English species and is cultivated as a pot-herb, and also employed in medicine, while an infusion of its leaves makes a refreshing ‘tea.’ Anne Pratt tells us that Marjoram was formerly called Organy, ‘and the long-disputed Oregon territory is said to have received its name from the prevalence of this plant there.’”

Listen or read “A Walk in July” here.


📷 Nikolett Emmert