CMP Review 2024-07-09

CMP Review 2024-07-09

July 9, 2024

Imagine it is a quiet Sunday afternoon in the remote recesses of Ambleside. You are invited to gather in the drawing room of a Georgian mansion whose Norse name means “summer lodge on a hill.” The occasion is a Bible talk, and the speaker is Miss Charlotte Mason.

This is what Kathleen Conder experienced not just one Sunday every Sunday for several months. She had the privilege of hearing Mason’s “Scale How Meditations” as they were first presented. She experienced firsthand the very early days when the House of Education was guided by Mason’s own active and energetic hand.

In 1952 Miss Conder wrote down her memories of those days. Read or hear what it was like to learn from Miss Mason, not from the books but from the person herself. You can find this touching and inspiring story here.