First Grammar Lessons: Foreword

First Grammar Lessons: Foreword

By Charlotte M. Mason
(Of Ambleside)


It has been the custom at the House of Education for the students to use with their pupils the Grammar Lessons which the late Miss Charlotte Mason once wrote for some of her children-friends. Miss Mason intended to publish the Lessons, but the opportunity for completing the exercises never came.

At the request of the “Old Students’ Conference” the Trustees have consented to the publication of the book. Miss E. A. Parish has generously placed, at the disposal of the Trustees, exercises to Parts II, III and IV.

It is intended that teachers should add exercises, letting the children use their reading books (prose and poetry). In most cases it will be necessary for the teacher to choose special pages containing suitable examples.

The book is intended for children of the age of Form II B, i.e. average age, nine.