First Grammar Lessons: Part II, Lesson IV

First Grammar Lessons: Part II, Lesson IV

Lesson IV

The name-word that comes after a transitive verb is called the Object.

If you break your doll or cut your finger or take a walk, ‘doll’ and ‘finger’ and ‘walk’ are the objects, because,

Doll is the object broken.
Finger is the object cut.
A walk is the object taken.

Now you have a new name for another part of a sentence.

That little boy Subject.
tore Predicate.
his kite the Object, which is a part of the Predicate.

A Transitive verb does not make sense without an object.

John hurt—we want to know what?—his arm. Then arm is the object.

To be learnt.

A transitive verb must have an object to make sense.

Exercise IV

1. Put six objects after each of the following transitive verbs:

made, gave, worked, fed.

2. Put transitive verbs with objects to each of the following nouns:

the owl, the man, the boys.

3. Point out the objects to the transitive verbs in a passage from one of your books.

4. Make four sentences, each containing a transitive verb and its object, about some people you know, or, about some animals.

5. Make three sentences, containing a transitive verb and its object—about the wind, the sun, the frost.