First Grammar Lessons: Part II, Lesson V

First Grammar Lessons: Part II, Lesson V

Lesson V

Mary plucked the flower.

Plucked what? the flower.

Flower is the object, without which “Mary plucked” would not be a sentence.

Flower, you know, is a noun.

Because it is a noun, it might also have adjectives.

Mary plucked that lovely blue flower.
Mary plucked some flowers.
Mary plucked a great many flowers.

Because the name-word that the transitive verb takes after it is always the object, it is in the objective case. That is, it is in the condition of being the object.

To be learnt.

Objects may have words belonging to them.

Objects are in the objective case.

Exercise V

1. Make six sentences telling something about the book George read.

2. Make six sentences with words which tell about the object: They picked up six apples.

3. Make a sentence with each of the following words telling something about the object:

pretty, long, four, some, hard, all.

4. Make six sentences with name-words which are in the objective case.

5. Point out all the words in a passage from a book which tell something about the object.