First Grammar Lessons: Part III, Lesson IX

First Grammar Lessons: Part III, Lesson IX

Lesson IX

Though adverbs truly belong to verbs, they often make themselves very useful to adjectives also.

If a story is pretty, and we wish to say how much so, then the adverbs helps.

Very pretty.
Exceedingly pretty.
So pretty.
Rather pretty.
Truly pretty.
Most pretty.

To be learnt.

Adverbs may belong to adjectives.

Exercise IX

1. Add six adverbs to each of the following adjectives:

The house is large.
The River Rothay was full.

2. Give four adjectives after each of the following adverbs:

The dog is rather _____.
The boy is very _____.
The tree is most _____.

3. Say six things about Baby, using an adjective and an adverb:

Baby is _____ _____.

4. Make four sentences about each of the following nouns, containing an adjective and an adverb:

The owls, the schoolroom, the cat.

5. Make four sentences, bringing in the following adverbs:

Very, rather, too, more, most.

6. Mention the adverbs and adjectives you have just used in talking.

7. Find the adverbs in a page of a book.