First Grammar Lessons: Part III, Lesson X

First Grammar Lessons: Part III, Lesson X

Lesson X

Adverbs also help each other in the same way as they help adjectives, by showing how much so.

He reads well.
He reads very well.

Here “very” belongs to the other adverb “well,” and shows how well he reads.

In the same way we might say so well, remarkably well, extremely well, how well he reads, and so on.

To be learnt.

Adverbs may belong to other adverbs.

Exercise X

1. Supply four adverbs before each of the following adverbs:

She plays _____ slowly.
The horse trots _____ quickly.
The kite flies _____ high.
Tom writes _____ carelessly.
Jessie spoke _____ crossly.
They ran _____ noisily.

2. Supply describing adverbs after each of the following:

The dog barks very _____.
The cat scratches rather _____.
The baby talks a little _____.
The boys called so _____.
He spoke to me exceedingly _____.

3. Supply two adverbs after each of the following:

Tom skates _____ _____.
Mary rides _____ _____.
The grass is growing _____ _____.
The flowers are opening _____ _____.

4. Give four sentences for each of the following, with a verb and two adverbs:

John and the gardener.
The white cat.
The grocer’s boy.
The black cow.

5. How many verbs and adverbs have you just used in talking?

6. Point out the verbs and two adverbs in a page of a book.