First Grammar Lessons: Part IV, Lesson III

First Grammar Lessons: Part IV, Lesson III

Lesson III

Mary told I.
Mary told we.

This is not right, for we want objects after the verb, and and we can never be used but as subjects.

The object pronouns are me and us.

Mary told me.
Mary told us.

Because me and us are objects, they are in the objective case.

“I’s book,” “we’s book” we cannot say, because there are proper owning pronouns.

The possessing pronouns for the persons who speak are my and our.

My book.
Our house.

My and our are in the possessive case.

To be learnt.

The pronouns of the first person are:

“I” and “we,” subjects.

“Me” and “us,” objects.

“My” and “our,” possessing pronouns.

Exercise III

1. Supply pronouns in the objective case to each of the following:

Mary saw _____.
She came to see _____.

2. Supply the right possessing pronouns to the names of all the things in the house, according as they belong to you or to somebody else.

3. Supply the proper pronouns in:

You had _____ cap.
Tom met Henry and said to _____ _____ are going home.

4. Make some sentences about your lessons, using the pronouns ‘I,’ ‘me,’ ‘my,’ such as:

I am writing with a pen which was given to me by my aunt.

5. Make sentences about your play, using ‘we,’ ‘us,’ ‘our.’

6. Find pronouns of the first person in a book you are reading, and show whether they are used as subjects, objects, or as possessing pronouns.