First Grammar Lessons: Part IV, Lesson VIII

First Grammar Lessons: Part IV, Lesson VIII

Lesson VIII

If we speak of more than one person, we use they for the subject, whether they are men, women or things:

They came here.

Them for the object:

Give me six of them.

And their for the possessing pronoun:

Their house.

When the persons we speak of are both he and she, as:

Our cousins have come; there are five of them, three boys and two girls,

we say that such words as ‘cousins’ and ‘them’ are common as to gender, which means that they stand for both ‘he’ and ‘she.’

To be learnt.

The plural pronouns of the third person are “they,” “them,” “their.”

When words stand for both “he” and “she,” they are common gender.

Exercise VIII

1. Supply pronouns in place of the nouns in such sentences as:

The girls are in the garden.
I see the boys.
The child’s booksare lost.
I found the tools.

2. Supply three nouns in place of each of the following pronouns:

Their shoes are wet.
Tell them.
They are very tall.

In each case give as many different sorts of nouns as possible.

3. Change the following sentences into the plural, and use pronouns:

The boy is clever.
He reads well.

4. My relations have come.

Make other sentences with nouns in the common gender.

5. Give six nouns of common gender.

6. Point out the nouns in the third person in a page of a book.

7. Make three sentences about “the dogs in the yard,” “the horses in the field.”