Notes of Lessons: Carton Work, Class Ia

Notes of Lessons: Carton Work, Class Ia

[We have thought that it might be of use to our readers (in their own families) to publish from month to month during the current year, Notes of Lessons prepared by students of the House of Education for the pupils of the Practising School. We should like to say, however, that such a Lesson is never given as a tour de force, but is always an illustration or an expansion of some part of the children’s regular studies (in the Parents’ Review School), some passage in one or other of their school books.—Ed.]

Group: Handicrafts • Class Ia • Time: 20 minutes

By Ethelwyn Flower
The Parents’ Review, 1904, pp. 713-714


I. To give the children exercise in judging various lengths and in drawing straight lines.

II. To encourage neat and accurate work.

III. To help to train their hands in firmness and deftness.


Step I.—Let the children draw three straight lines three inches long with a quarter of an inch between them, after showing parts of an inch on a ruler.

Step II.—Show the model, which is a silver basket with one division with the following measurements:—Base, 3 in. by 2 in.; sides, 3/4 in.; handle, 4 in. by 1/4 in.

Step III.—Ask the children to judge these measurements, then measure them from the model.

Step IV.—Draw from them the position of necessary flaps and how the handle is put on.

Step V.—After asking them how to begin a model of this kind, let them draw the sides and base, the slits for the handle, and the flaps at the end of each side.

Step VI.—Let them cut out the model, then bend the sides carefully, using a ruler and folder, and paste them together.

Step VII.—Then, let them draw and cut out the handle and the division; fix in the handle and paste in the division.