Notes of Lessons: German, Class II

Notes of Lessons: German, Class II

[We have thought that it might be of use to our readers (in their own families) to publish from month to month during the current year, Notes of Lessons prepared by students of the House of Education for the pupils of the Practising School. We should like to say, however, that such a Lesson is never given as a tour de force, but is always an illustration or an expansion of some part of the children’s regular studies (in the Parents’ Review School), some passage in one or other of their school books.—Ed.]

Subject: German • Class II • Group: Languages

By E. M. Gayford
The Parents’ Review, 1906, pp. 493-494


I. To help Janet to express herself in German.

II. To enlarge her vocabulary.


Step I.—Ask Janet to tell me anything about the different objects in the picture.

Step II.—See that she uses the right articles.

Step III.—Teach some new words by bringing them in in short sentences, example: Die Kinder sitzen auf dem Koffer; Das Mädchen hat eine Fahrkarte in der Hand.

Step IV.—Ask Janet to give a description of the scene in the picture using the new words.

Step V.—Help her to make up a short series like the following:—

Wir wollen eine Reise machen.

Wir gehen auf den Bahnhof.

Wir kaufen unsere Fahrkarten.

Der Kofferträger bringt das Gepäck.

Der Zug kommt ein.

Wir steigen in den Zug.

Little German Folks, p. 30. (Die Eisenbahn.)