Notes of Lessons: Latin, Class II

Notes of Lessons: Latin, Class II

[We have thought that it might be of use to our readers (in their own families) to publish from month to month during the current year, Notes of Lessons prepared by students of the House of Education for the pupils of the Practising School. We should like to say, however, that such a Lesson is never given as a tour de force, but is always an illustration or an expansion of some part of the children’s regular studies (in the Parents’ Review School), some passage in one or other of their school books.—Ed.]

Subject: Latin • Class II

By L. Beatty
The Parents’ Review, 1906, pp. 495-496

Half of Exs. 20 and 20a, and Voc. 20.: Membra Corporis.


I. To enlarge Gerry’s vocabulary.

II. To give him practice in making short sentences in Latin, and in placing nouns in the plural number according to their gender.


Step I.—Read over words in Voc. 20 with Gerry, asking him to show what they mean.

Step II.—Allow Gerry three minutes to look at six words marked in voc., and then say them.

Step III.—Read the first half of Ex. 20 with Gerry taking the part of master, and the latter, the part of pupil. Gerry pointing out each member as he reads.

Step IV.—Ask Gerry the gender, number and meaning of different words he has read, asking him to place the word duo or duæ before them and so put them in the plural.

Step V.—Ask Gerry to make short sentences with these words.

Step VI.—Gerry to translate half of Ex. 20a. English into Latin, giving short answers to questions in that exercise.