Notes of Lessons: Sloyd, Class II

Notes of Lessons: Sloyd, Class II

[We have thought that it might be of use to our readers (in their own families) to publish from month to month during the current year, Notes of Lessons prepared by students of the House of Education for the pupils of the Practising School. We should like to say, however, that such a Lesson is never given as a tour de force, but is always an illustration or an expansion of some part of the children’s regular studies (in the Parents’ Review School), some passage in one or other of their school books.—Ed.]

Group: Handicrafts • Class II • Age: 9 • Time: 30 minutes

By H.M.A. Bell
The Parents’ Review, 1903, pp. 689-690


I. To increase manual dexterity, accuracy, neatness and perseverance.

II. To strengthen the habit of attention.

III. To cultivate practical intelligence.

IV. To give exercise to the muscles of the eye and hand.

V. To give mental discipline.

VI. To cut out in cardboard and make as far as possible a box to hold stamps.


Step I.—Show the children a ready-made box. Let them examine it and say what materials are required for making it.

Step II.—Let the children measure the box and its lid, their length, breadth and height.

Step III.—Draw diagrams on the board, while the children do so on their cardboard.

Step IV.—Direct the cutting out, seeing that the knives are held properly, at the same time being careful not to interfere with their work; that they may feel that they are expected to work independently, I shall cut out a box myself. If necessary hold their steel angles while they cut, as not having done much Sloyd their wrists are not steady.

Let one child cut out the box and the other the lid. Let them both persevere with the cutting until they cut a good line.

Step V.—They will have oblong pieces of cardboard: ask them what they must do in order to shape them into box and lid. When they have cut out the corners and cut half through the lines where the sides have to be turned up, let them begin to bind the corners together.

Step VI.—Bind inside and outside if time allows.

Papering the box will occupy another lesson. The children should be allowed to choose the materials required and take measurements for the paper from the ready-made box.