We have left all

We have left all

Of those who have left all. Labourers in the Vineyard.

(The Gospel History, Section 120)

Then answered Peter and began to say unto him. Lo, we have left all, and followed thee: what then shall we have?


(The Saviour of the World, Vol VII Book I Poem XIX)

Not long to be depressed, man’s tenuous heart
Springs up as on a bubble born; the men,
Dismayed at first, soon found complacent thought
In the scene had passed before them, the Lord’s words;
The impressive figure of the rich young man
Who could not give his all, and sorrowful,
Went on his outcast way, infused deep sense
Of comfortable merit. “See,” said one,
“We have left all we had and followed Thee;
What freedom is for us?”

Ahimé, dear Saints, how crude thy thought!

Hast walked these many moons

Hast yonder His sayings wisdom-fraught,
In meekness hast high counsels sought,
And yet as those who so uncaught

Wouldst crave rewards and boons?

“We have left all and followed Thee”

Thou criest, a natural man!

Poor wealth thou gathered from the sea,
Thou holdst a mighty offering, “See,
All this I bring, what place for me

In Thy great kingdom’s plan?”

The thoughts of men are not as Thine,

O everlasting Lord!

What scope for mockery we divine,—
‘Left all, have ye? Now pray combine,
Write all the items in a line

And claim your fit reward!’

So might a man assess the claim

Allowed He, of faithful follower poor:

But never Christ put men to shame;
Unready with rebuke and blame,
That all the lost who to Him came

He saved.

St. Matthew xix. 27;
St. Mark x. 28;
St. Luke xviii. 28