Highest Thinking and Simplest Living

Highest Thinking and Simplest Living

Editor’s Note: In 2017, Simplicity was the theme for the Living Education Retreat. I didn’t attend, but I did get to hear Mary Beuving’s recorded talk on her journey toward simplifying her life, getting rid of things to make room for people. Mary’s testimony is moving and inspiring, but also filled with practical wisdom for living joyfully with less. I hope all of you listening will be encouraged by her words, as I am every time I listen. Many thanks to Mary for allowing us to share her talk and to Sage Parnassus for providing the original recording.

– Brittney

As you listen to the talk, you can follow along with the slides.

4 Replies to “Highest Thinking and Simplest Living”

  1. Oh my, Mary – This is just so sincerely wonderful and inspiring and true. I love your mix of CM wisdom and other quotes with real life experience of your own. I especially appreciated your encouragement to remember that hard challenges are often the most fruitful in our teen’s lives (as well as our own) and the importance of not just holding out to them in books that our lives can be well spent. I cant stop thinking of your quote from War and Peace about emptying out our trunks of things…to make room for people. You have blessed me and I will continue to think of you as I spend some of my summer purging our home of the unnecessary. I so resonate with the truth that the work of teaching obedience in the long run, brings one of the greatest blessings of simplicity. May God continue to give powerful grace to you to bring healing and strength for the days yet to come. Amen.

    1. Thank you Anne,

      I appreciate your comment! Yesterday, I listened again to this recording, and I was a little stunned at some of the words that came out of my mouth. I had prayed a lot in preparing this talk, and I believe the Holy Spirit was truly guiding this time. So thank you for the encouragement, and thank the Lord it was a blessing!

      🙂 Mary

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