A Devoted Life

A Devoted Life

Oh, the wonder of finding a kindred spirit—how we treasure that person in our heart and how they have a way of recognizing and drawing out our potential! Charlotte Mason and Emeline Steinthal found such kindred spirits in each other, and their relationship has positively impacted generations of people. We thought you might enjoy meeting Emeline Steinthal too, so Brittney McGann and I got together to talk a bit about this amazing woman and her significance to the PNEU. Listen in to hear about Mason’s lifelong friend, an example of a devoted life.

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  1. I have wanted to learn brush drawing as a parent to encourage my granddaughter along this educational journey. I’m thankful it’s been laid out for us to learn in a good way. I look forward to working with Richele ‘s course as a guide. Thank you, Richele!

  2. My young daughters and I enjoyed this episode. Oh, the ideas that flowed after hearing all the ways handicrafts can be used to serve others. I’m curious where Richele’s course is (or will be) available. It is very helpful to see links in the iTunes podcast show notes. Thank you for your work in spreading knowledge and encouragement to families.

  3. Where can I find out more about Emeline Steinthal? I’m so fascinated by her after listening to this episode. I’m a Charlotte Mason devotee and a sculptor. I also love handicrafts and am so inspired to hear how she organized charitable projects for children. I would love to get a group going like that. I’d love to read more of her writings and learn more about her relationship with CM. And it would be awesome to discover her sculpture course! Thanks for all your hard work in providing the public with all of these wonderful articles!

    1. Carolyn, thanks so much for your comment. You sound like a kindred spirit with Emeline Steinthal, for sure! Emeline taught local art classes each Saturday as well as traveling to the PNEU branches to lecture on clay modeling and brush drawing. The entire Steinthal family was devoted to community and I recall reading they are greatly credited for their work in rebuilding England after WWI. Most of what is in the podcast came from books about Charlotte Mason (such as Essex Cholmondeley’s “The Story of Charlotte Mason), digging into the Charlotte Mason Digital Collection (they have some photos of Emeline), and by searching G.K. Chesterton and Frances Chesterton (Emeline’s husband) as they were great friends. Best to you and your research. I’d be delighted to hear what you find!

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