Idyll Schedule 3

Idyll Schedule 3

August Home Education Part I to Part II Section XII (pp. 1-88)
September Home Education Part II Section XIII to Part V Section I (pp. 88-178)
October Home Education Part V Section II to Section XV (pp. 178-264)
November Home Education Part V Section XVI to end (pp. 264-352)
December Parents and Children Chapter 1 to 8 (pp. 1-82)
January Parents and Children Chapter 9 to 15 (pp. 83-167)

(Here is Charlotte Mason’s translation of the French paragraphs on pp. 117–118)

February Parents and Children Chapter 16 to 23 (pp. 168-256)
March Parents and Children Chapter 24 to 26 (pp. 257-290)
School Education Chapter 1 to 5 (pp. 1-55)
April School Education Chapter 6 to 12 (pp. 56-136)
May School Education Chapter 13 to 20 (pp. 137-227)
June School Education Chapter 21 to 22 (pp. 228-247)
Ourselves, Book I Preface, Introduction, Introductory, Part I, Part II Chapter 1 to 6 (Preface to p. 65)
July Ourselves, Book I Part II Chapter 7 to Part II Chapter 13 (pp. 66-149)
August Ourselves, Book I Part III Chapter 14- Part IV (pp. 150-210)
Ourselves, Book II Introductory – Part I Chapter 1 to 4 (pp. 1-28)
September Ourselves, Book II Part I Chapter 5 to 17 (pp. 29-114)
October Ourselves, Book II Part I Chapter 18 to Part III Chapter 7 (pp. 115-202)
November Formation of Character Part I Section I to Section VI (pp. 1-88)
December Formation of Character Part I Section VII to end of Part II (pp. 89-173)
January Formation of Character Part III (pp. 175-269)
February Formation of Character Part IV Section I to Section II (pp. 271-363)
March Formation of Character Part IV Section III to end (pp. 364-428)
Philosophy of Education Author’s Preface (pp. xxv-xxxi)
April Philosophy of Education Book I Introduction (pp. 1-21), Chapter 1 to 4 (pp. 23-79)
May Philosophy of Education Book I Chapter 5 to Chapter 10 Section I (pp. 80-168)
June Philosophy of Education Book I Chapter 10 Section II to Book II Chapter 1 (pp. 169-249)
July Philosophy of Education Book II Chapter 2 to end (pp. 250-348)

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    1. Leah,

      Thank you for your interest! The women’s groups accept members at any time, so let me know if you’d like to get connected with a group. The next men’s group and any special new groups will be announced in July 2022. Be sure to subscribe to our blog!


  1. I know it’s late and this challenge is almost over, but do the groups stay the same each time? I’d love to be connected with the women’s group, if possible.

  2. Will there be an Idyll challenge starting in August 2022? Will you be sending out a post? I have a few people who are keen to join?

    1. Autumn,

      The third Idyll Challenge has nearly wrapped up, but you will soon be able to sign up for the fourth. The announcement and registration form could be available as early as tomorrow!


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