Reflections for the New Year

Reflections for the New Year

Do you take time for reflection before turning the page on a new year? This is the week I take an honest and thoughtful look at different areas of my life and consider how I’d like to move forward. Here’s a short list of my favorite resources available at the CMP site to help make life-giving choices in the New Year or anytime.

Ourselves, Book I, Ch. 17, Integrity, by Charlotte Mason

Life’s Decisions, by E. C. Matravers

Habits for Life, by Art Middlekauff

On Distraction, by Brittney McGann

I Tried Charlotte Mason’s Schedule for 30 Days, by me

Let me know if any resonate with you and how you turn the page on a new year.

— Richele Baburina

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  1. So far I’ve made it through “On Distraction”; so encouraging and yet convicting and inspiring. Thank you! I’ll keep plowing through the other articles as well!

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