The Theology of the Great Recognition

The Theology of the Great Recognition

“The great recognition, that God the Holy Spirit is Himself, personally, the Imparter of knowledge, the Instructor of youth, the Inspirer of genius.” It’s an idea that infuses education with meaning and life. What could more powerfully transform the daily routine of a home educator than the thought of “the divine teaching as co-operating with ours in a child’s arithmetic lesson”?

When it first dawned on me that every grammar lesson could be an encounter with God, I was energized. I was excited. But I had nagging doubts. Friends of mine challenged the notion. What basis did I have to believe it is true, besides Charlotte Mason’s own word?

That doubt led me to a study of Scripture, and from there a deeper look at Mason’s writings in the light of Christian theology. It’s a journey that not only gave me confidence in the Great Recognition. It also led me to the great words of Christ: “Do this in remembrance of me.” Hear my story:

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