Whose Great Recognition?

Whose Great Recognition?

At the 2016 Living Education Retreat, I conducted a workshop entitled “Whose Great Recognition?” The workshop reveals the theological roots of Charlotte Mason’s Great Recognition from Holy Scripture, the Deuterocanonical books, and the history of the church. We then trace Mason’s unfolding articulation of her view of the role of the Holy Spirit in education. Finally, we discuss how the ministry of education relates to the broader ministry of the Holy Spirit in the divine plan. The slides I presented are available for reference here.

Editor’s note: I have since presented this workshop at the CMI Western Conference (2016) and CMI Eastern and Western Conferences (2017).


2 Replies to “Whose Great Recognition?”

  1. Thank you Art!! I’m enjoying pondering over these verses and ideas again a week later.
    I always appreciate your thoughtful questioning of ideas presented.

    1. Our conversation about Bezalel last year pointed me in the right direction! It is so fascinating that John Calvin drew from that account the truth that “the knowledge of those things which are of the highest excellence in human life is said to be communicated to us by the Spirit.”

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