Living Memories of Emeline Steinthal: An Interview

Living Memories of Emeline Steinthal: An Interview

Richele Baburina speaks with the great-granddaughter of Emeline Steinthal, Charlotte Mason’s dear friend and colleague, who brings the PNEU to life with fascinating details and astounding anecdotes of Ambleside, G. K. Chesterton, and more.


G. K. Chesterton’s Christmas Poem, published in The Parents’ Review

A Devoted Life: Celebrating Emeline Steinthal

Influence, by Emeline Steinthal, read by her great-granddaughter Mrs. T.

A Palette for Beginners, recommended by Emeline Steinthal

Subjects for Spring, by Emeline Steinthal

Form I Brush Drawing Lesson, inspired by Emeline Steinthal


Excerpts from Dorothea Steinthal’s journal to the Holy Land which she commenced on March 4, 1933 from Marseilles on a ship to Port Said — a sea voyage of 1438 miles:

Dorothea Steinthal watching a Smyrna Kingfisher:

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