PNEU Documents

PNEU Documents

The Parents’ Review

Volume 1, 1890/91

p. 721 Reverence for the Work of the Holy Spirit in Children and the Young, by Archdeacon Blunt

Volume 9, 1898

p. 429 Manual Training, by Margaret McMillan

Volume 16, 1905

p. 61 Education is the Science of Relations, by M. Owen

Volume 21, 1910

p. 881 The Nativity, by Charlotte Mason

Volume 22, 1911

p. 419 Children Are Born Persons, by Charlotte Mason

Volume 23, 1912

p. 138 Mathematics, by Irene Stephens
p. 801 Three Educational Idylls, by Charlotte Mason

Volume 24, 1913

p. 514 Bible Teaching in the Parents’ Union School, by Eleanor M. Frost

Volume 25, 1914

p. 401 Trop de Zèle, by Charlotte Mason
p. 868 Rhythm In Music, by Dorothy Walker

Volume 26, 1915

p. 401 Women Must Weep, by Charlotte Mason

Volume 27, 1916

p. 641 A Liberal Education, by Charlotte Mason and Agnes Drury

Volume 30, 1919

p. 303 South India, by Mrs. Senior

Volume 34, 1923

p. 411 Miss Mason’s Ideal: Its Breadth and Balance, by Helen E. Wix

Volume 35, 1924

p. 94 The Teaching Methods of Charlotte Mason, by G. F. Husband
p. 382 Letters from P.U.S. Members in the Dominions

Volume 37, 1926

p. 588 Lessons of Rush-Bearing, by Rev. Francis Lewis

Volume 38, 1927

p. 331 Tinkers, by Elsie Kitching
p. 427 How the PUS Helps a Young Mother, by the Hon. Mrs. Leaf

L’Umile Pianta

March, 1905

p. 008 Harmonious Relations Between Physical Training & Handicrafts, by J.W. Devonshire

April, 1906

p. 003 Cardboard Sloyd, by R. A. Pennethorne

May, 1914

p. 059 How Past Students Can Keep in Touch, by Agnes Drury

November, 1916

p. 008 Dear Ex-Students

PNEU Programmes

Programme 82 (1918): Examination for Forms V and VI

Parents’ Union School Time Tables

Unpublished Works

Childhood’s Estate, and other Poems, by Charlotte Mason

And With His Lord Doth Dwell, by Charlotte Mason

The Saviour of the World, volume 7, by Charlotte Mason